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Kenya Land Conservation Trust (KLCT) is a non-profit making organization and a charitable Trust with a Certificate of Incorporation under the ‘The Trustees (Perpetual Succession) Act’ Chapter 164 – PS 966.

Overseen by a board of directors, with community representation, the formation of the KLCT was facilitated by African Wildlife Foundation (AWF), but its real ownership lies resolutely in the hands of the Kenyan people. KLCT is the first community land trust of its kind in Kenya that offers a promise for a sustainable system of protected lands that will benefit the country’s wildlife, its people and its economy.

Registered as a Trust in 2005, KLCT was founded with a mission of ensuring the integrity of the natural habitat of land outside protected areas in Kenya as well as taking into account the socio-economic interests of local communities. To ensure the integrity of the natural habitat KLCT seeks to protect biologically significant land through supporting the formulation and implementation of policies and legislation relevant to biodiversity conservation in Kenya.

KLCT was empowered at its inception to act as a player in the private market place. Therefore, as an actor in the marketplace, the Trust can lease or purchase land, it can enter into management agreements with farmers or ranchers and it can even compensate landowners for the opportunity costs – the grass, plants and water – that wildlife consume on their land.

For the first time in Kenya, an entity whose entire focus is on conservation exists with all the legal rights of a private landowner. This is a first for Kenyan law, a milestone for Kenyan conservation, and a precedent-setting victory in the fight to conserve the lands that sustain life across East Africa.

With the existence of KLCT in Kenya it is candid that tourism will no longer depend solely on Kenya’s parks, some of which are too small to be viable for the survival of the wildlife. KLCT in its totality aims to secure land enough for prosperity of wildlife and intends to use all ways possible to ensure the safety of land that is important for the survival of wildlife in Kenya.

The KLCT founding Trustees are representatives of Kenya Wildlife Service, African Wildlife Foundation, Land Owners Association and the Ministry of Lands and Housing. In addition to those Trustees, there are representatives from business and university.

KLCT has not protected any land to date although in support of AWF as a partner, discussions have been held over KLCT playing a pivotal role in a critical property for wildlife and its habitat in Laikipia, Eland Downs Ranch. Additionally, KLCT has been in discussion with various communities across the country and are keen to provide support to them in securing of critical wildlife habitat e.g. Kaputei plans, Amboseli dispersal area, Naivasha, Nakuru and northern Kenya.

For more information on what we do, please visit our website: www.klct.or.ke

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