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Basics of environmental easements

Continuation……. Are Easements Permitted under Kenyan Law? Yes! Environmental easements are permitted under the Environmental Management and Coordination Act (EMCA) for conservation purposes. Environmental easements can be consensually negotiated between two parties. The agreement must be approved by a court and then registered against the land title. The law also provides for easement to be […]

Basics of Environmental Easements

Basics of Environmental Easement Kenya is renowned for its national parks and the abundance and diversity of wildlife; however, Kenya’s protected areas are too small and fragmented to maintain viable populations of wildlife species. It is now recognized that the survival of most wildlife in Kenya depends on access to land outside government protected areas. […]

Historical Trail open for Tourism

HISTORICAL TRAIL ACROSS THE RIFT VALLEY OPENED FOR TOURISM On the 9th of February 2011, five trekkers completed a 7 day 155km walk across the Great Rift Valley in the official inauguration of the Trans-Rift Trail. The trail is a traditionally used path that at times is only one foot wide, in other places as […]

Hello world!

Welcome to Kenya Land Conservation Trust-Winning Land for Wildlife. This is our newly created blog on wildlife direct. We work mainly to conserve and protect the land outside the protected areas of Kenya. You will enjoy a lot about us from this blog.